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We offer quick sessions to answer your social media advertising questions, whatever they may be, from basic to advanced.


30 min. Session

$120 | Keep it high level

90 min. Session

$325 | Take a deeper dive


Does your company have questions about social media ADVERTiSING?

We get them all the time! Let us help you navigate through some of the pain points. Here are some common questions we see from clients.


Which social media platforms should we be advertising on? Do we need to be advertising on every platform?

What should our budget be for each of our campaigns? How much should we spend on each audience?

Do we have everything set up to track results correctly? How much are we paying per conversion each quarter?

What else could we be doing to see a higher ROI? Which new tactics should we consider for future campaigns?



Get help from an expert

Social media marketing, Digital strategy + analytics

NOQ Co-founder John McGrane has an extensive, 10+ year background in paid social media advertising for both B2C and B2B companies. Partnering with some of the largest media planning agencies in the industry, John managed more than $1.5 million in social media ad spends in 2018 and  fully understands how to optimize social media as a marketing channel as well as across larger digital marketing campaigns. John is certified by Facebook, Inc. for his completion of courses in: Successful Campaign Best Practices, Creative Best Practices, Direct Response Best Practices, Ad ReportingInstagram Ads Best Practices and more.

John’s social media office hours are perfect for those questions you want answered without having to hire a full-time marketing team. Whether you are just starting out or want your employees to have a deeper understanding of advanced social capabilities, John can help improve performance and return-on-investment.


more than 10 years experience working with B2c + b2b companies across tech, retail, finance, fashion, consumer goods + more.


We’re here to help your marketing team tackle your biggest social media challenges.

John McGrane’s passion for social media marketing is far reaching. His willingness to provide guidance to team members and share creative ideas made John a highly valued team player in our division, as well as many other verticals in the parent company. I appreciate his energy, humor and work ethic that extended well beyond the expectations of the management team.
— Maureen Dime, CX Marketing Specialist at Oracle
John McGrane has an innate hunger for knowledge and is able to absorb and adapt information quickly and dynamically. His ability to connect both on an interpersonal and virtual level make him one of the most effective social media communicators I have ever seen. He is smart, strategic, independent, and highly data driven. He is a key asset to any company.
— Meredith Harris, Monetization Lead at NextDoor
We have been working with John for several years now. John is not only incredibly knowledgeable in all things Social Media related, he is also fun, positive and easy to work with. It’s rare that someone cares as much as John does.
— - Taji Zaminasli, Partner at Media Matters Worldwide
John did an excellent job of mapping our social media needs. He is clearly a leader in his field and I always learned something new whenever we spoke. I would highly recommend John for anything involving social media - you won’t be disappointed.
— B.J. Schone, Digital Learning Manager at Atlassian