At NOQ, we build brands from the inside out with the perfect blend of data + creativity.


Step 1: Define

Company Identity + Architecture

Working closely with your internal team, we craft your company identity and brand architecture in a way that best personifies your strengths and value to customers. We gather and interpret feedback from your employees, executive team, shareholders and clients to know exactly who you are, what you do and why you do it. This serves as the foundation of all your marketing.



Brand communication, voice + persona

We take everything we learn about you and make sure you can communicate your value effectively both internally and externally. It's crucial to be able to easily and consistently tell customers why you are different, why you are better and why they should choose you.



Brand content, web + paid social

Once you are comfortable expressing your company brand both visually and verbally, we'll use our marketing expertise to help your company establish a plan to get your message in front of the right audiences through branded content, website development and paid social media campaigns.